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Rise is a 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Step through the arena gates and join the battle for fame and fortune. Pick and switch between 3 different Eternals as you go head to head with your opponent in this 1v1 brawler. It's important to pick a good combination of characters and only reveal your second and third picks when you’re ready to strike. Every Eternal has 3 unique abilities that you can use to gain the upper hand on your enemies. Rounds are quick, only 60 seconds. Whoever has the most health at the end of 2/3 rounds wins! Rise has a completely random ranking system, so there is no matchmaking. You are simply queued up to fight the next person who wants a piece of you! This means that you could be up against the best or the worst player.

In Wager mode you can bet your hard earned Silver. Make sure you know who you’re going up against in these types of matches, as you can do a bit of research on your opponent. Tired of arena games where you get cheesed into a wall? Rise rewards strategy instead of button-mashing. There are NO lengthy hit animations during which you cannot do anything. Instead, it is possible to change classes or incapacitate your opponent if you get into a sticky situation. Rise is currently only available on Windows and Mac. After testing, however, the game will become available on PS4 and XBOX One. Accounts are cross-platform.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account today and join the battle for the Arena Crown!

What makes Rise different?

Rise is not your typical Arena Brawler. In other games all characters more or less have variations of the same move set. Rise’s Eternals each have three unique abilities that are meant to be combined with abilities from other classes. This requires a strategic load-out each round, and you can adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s play-style.

Rise does not have any lengthy hit animations. This means that your attacks will not provide the satisfaction of inhibiting your opponent for countless seconds, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about that happening to you. Rise de-emphasizes tradition button mashing to reward players who use strategy instead of those who exploit the traditional brawler hit animations (also known as cheesing).

The Rise Economy is a revolutionary system that adjusts in-game currency prices based on traditional economic principals. The value of this currency, which can be wagered, is adjusted based on the amount held by active players divided by the number of active players themselves! Soul Essence is a component of this system that is meant to stimulate the economy and allow players to strategically save and spend their money.

How to Play

The point of the game is to finish the round with more health than your opponents. This means that you don’t necessarily have to reduce their healths to zero - just take less damage or use a healing ability like Meditate (Judas). Use pillars to your advantage. Hide behind them and don’t leave yourself easily exposed to incoming projectiles, they hurt! Unlike most fighting games there is no jumping. Rise is a 2D-3D game, which means that players cannot move or look up and down. This forces defensive play and punishes reckless dives.

Numbers 1 and 2 switch Eternals
Z , X , and C trigger abilities
SPACE lets you look backwards
Use the ARROW or WSAD keys to move
Use the Mouse to look around
Left click to Basic Attack
Right click :
Chi/Veia - Aim
Kai - Block
Escape to Pause

Currencies and
Ability Upgrades

There are currently 3 different currencies in the game. The first is Silver. This is earned at a rate of 1 per Ranked game and can also be earned in bulk by winning Wager matches. The value of this currency is determined by the amount held by all players divided by the amount of players themselves. The second is Gold. This currency is valued at 1 per USD and has a relatively static value. The third is Soul Essence, which can be traded to the Nomad for a bulk amount of Silver at a rate of 1 ASM or Average Silver Multiplier, which is used to determine the worth of Silver. It is recommended to save Soul Essence and to not redeem them until you are ready to make a purchase. Win the Arena Crown by having the most wins at the end of the day to earn a whopping 5 Soul Essence!

Gold and Silver unlock Ability Upgrades, which are currently available for Kai, Chi, and Veia. These rewards make their abilities stronger! They can be switched out mid-game by equipping them from your Profile on the website. This can be done easily with a phone or tablet, or you can even have a friend do it for you. An official “Upgrade Switcher” app will be released on both IOS and Android platforms.

Rise Connect

Rise Connect is designed to integrate the social aspects of the website into the game itself. Players can make their voice heard and meet others on this online forum. Soon, a live messaging and notification system will be released for players on the website, and shortly after it will be integrated into the game. This will make it possible to browse the website and chat with your in-game buddies at the same time! Rise Connect currently features all the basic functions of an online forum. You can create, like, and comment on posts - even add others as friends! There’s no telling what kind of people you’ll meet and the stories you’ll create on Rise Connect! Here you can check for new contests, get help, meet new players, find others to wager, and more! The best part about Rise Connect is that you can easily view other players’ in-game stats by clicking on their username in a post or comment. If they can’t back it up then tell them to shut up!

The Eternals

The Eternals are the champions of Afteir. At one time, their numbers accounted for entire armies. Now, there are only a few left. They have been chosen to fight for you, Player. Who will you choose? An up close and personal fighter like Kai or Mochizuki? Perhaps you’ll play it safe and use Chi and Veia to attack your enemies safely from behind a pillar. There are so many ways to combine abilities, and there are more on the way. When the full version of the game is released, Rise will contain 13 well balanced Eternals for a total of almost 40 unique abilities!

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